Erotic Art: Fancy Erotic or Sexual Art?

There is a debate over whether erotic art serves a purpose that erotic does not. The answer is a simple yes. Erotic art is defined as a sexual piece of work that speaks more to the emotions than it evokes actions. Art comes in many forms, including, but not limited to, videos, paintings, and stories. The difference between erotic and art is that art pulls on your emotions while erotic pulls on your desires. Erotic art will make you feel happiness, joy, intrigue, sadness, and any other form of emotion. erotic makes you feel turned on with the only goal of getting off.

Difference in pubic styles

Erotic art has been a popular form of media for over 12,000 years, with the earliest paintings found on cave walls. Erotic art depicts the painter, writer, or photographers view of beauty, and let’s face it, nudity is beauty. Through erotic art, we can view the trends in beauty throughout the ages. We can see the difference in pubic styles, body types, trends in grooming and more! Erotic art is much more important than simply arousing one’s emotions, it can show the public’s view of beauty throughout the years. While eroticography merely shows you the trends in kinks and sexual acts than beauty. Just as today, states, there is a huge difference in having an one-night-stand than having a casual encounter.

Erotic art can also provoke

Erotic art is important because it gives us insight into the ages, can promote self-love and evokes emotions. Self-love can be found in seeing beauty in someone who shares similar aspects as you. For example, a pale woman may be insecure in her body, but when she finds a beautiful painting from the 1700’s of an equally pale, beautiful woman depicted as a modern goddess, it’s hard not to love yourself! Besides self-love, erotic art can also provoke a plethora of emotions. Seeing a picture of two women from the 1600’s making love can make one feel intrigued, passion, and curiosity to learn more about homosexuality in that time period. Erotic art provides more than just something to get off to like erotic does, it is a form of art that has been practiced for years upon years.