Can I get a one night stand in online dating?

Nothing is more fun than a one night stand… though this idea might not be taken well by everybody but it’s the truth. The passion and anxiety in having sex with someone you don’t know make everything, even more, fun. Research has it that the vast majority of people nowadays are looking for casual one night stands with no commitments and considering the fact that most people are now turning to online dating. The following are the ways to get a one night stand online,

Appropriate dating site

It is not on every dating site that you can get a one night stand. Some sites primarily focus on people wishing to find long life partners, others on people wishing to find fellow elites in the society and there are those dating sites that focus on casual sex. If your gig is a one night stand then this should be the appropriate site to join. They specialize in arranging one night stands by bringing together members with the same interest of “sex with no commitments”, fuck buddies for example. If you join these sites and have a good profile, then you are certain to get a one night stand.

Good approach

If you are going to land a one night stand on an online dating site, then you need to approach your potential partner in a good way. Don’t ask them the size of the penis they like as your pick up line. You are likely to potentially scare away potential partners and you will end up losing a chance of creating good lifetime memories.

Engage in flirting conversations

Nothing sets the mood for sex more than a good flirt; this allows you to get aroused even before the foreplay. You increase your chances of getting a one night stand if you flirt often with your potential sex partner online for a casual encounter.

Setting the mood

When you plan an actual date with your potential sex partner, it is advisable to set a good mood. Having one or two beers or wine is a good starting place since a one night stand is better when both of you are tipsy.


Sex without commitments! If this is your gig, then you can find it in online dating and the above 4 methods will guide you on how to go about it.